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We are a young, ambitious, innovative brand looking for true personalities.

Contemporary, modern design, highly motivated and well-trained staff as well as a clear business concept are the cornerstones of our success. Are you looking for a new challenge? We can provide a variety of possibilities in our highly motivated team!

Human Resources Management


The willingness to strike new paths and to use innovative measures in service, F&B, purchasing or training require constant quality auditing. Mystery Calls & Checks by third-parties will play a less important role in the future to achieve the set goals. Internal training and cross checks will be able to illustrate strengths and weakness much quicker.

Our employees’ individuality and self-fulfilment will be what People Management mainly focuses on in the future. Flexible working hours, home office solutions, academic training programmes and management at eye level will be expected.

The AMERON HOTELS’ brand philosophy is also based on the pillar called “employees” just like that of the ALTHOFF HOTEL & GOURMET COLLECTION. Attracting and binding “SMART” employees is therefore the challenge for the future and serves to develop and preserve the AMERON HOTELS.

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Jobs and career with AMERON Hotels