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We are committed in our daily work to make the world a better place. The entire team lives by the motto : "Be the change you would like to happen in this world." Ecological awareness and sustainability are very important to us - for this reason we kindly ask you to support us!

What can you do?

Donate 1.- CHF to "Wasser für Wasser" when you book your stay on our wesite or by careful use of the bath towels in your room. You may help us to avoid food waste by carfeul portioning at our buffet breakfast. Many many thanks!




Water for water stands for drinking water and giving water: Simply: Water for Water. We serve tap water and donate to WfW and educational projects in Zambia. Guests, customers and employees are made aware of their privileged water access in Switzerland, because in many other countries on this planet people lack access to clean water and basic sanitary facilities. All donations are exclusively used for the funding of WfW-water and educational projects in Zambia. You may also directly donate on our website when booking your hotel room.

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Sapocycle is a foundation under the umbrella of “Fondation des Fondateurs”. It aims to collect discarded soaps in hotels, to recycle them and to redistribute the recycled soaps to improve sanitary conditions of children and families in need.
The recycling of the soaps is handled by social integration programmes. We want to entice hotel customers and hotel managers to take part in a humanitarian programme and to help reduce the amount of waste created by the used soap bars.

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By working with, we are helping to reduce waste and thereby support the work of the Swiss Red Cross.

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What else we do to conserve the green around our house and on this planet:


Light fixtures
To save energy most of our lamps illuminating our corridors and our hotel's surroundings are equipped with motion sensors. 80 % of used bulbs are specially energy saving LED lighting fittings.

Energy Saving System
The hotel room key card has to be put into a special slot when entering a hotel room. By doing so the current conduction will be activated. Leaving the room and taking the card out of the slot will cut the current conduction so that there is no energy consumption in the room anymore.

Many of our international guests buy winter or outdoor clothing in Switzerland and leave them in the hotel rooms at departure, since they have no use for them in their home country. Unfortunately, we never know exactly whether the clothes were left on purpuse or perhaps forgotten . Therefore they go through the general Lost and Found - procedure and will be given to the Caritas after 6 months of storage.

Key cards
Our key cards are made from brich, harvested from sustainably managed forests and contain mostly unaltered plant material.

Room towels
Only the room towels lying on the bathroom floor will be exchanged and washed. Suspended towels will not be replaced. By applying this international manner we massively reduce the use of water, detergents and energy.

Shampoo & Shower gel
We use shampoo and shower gel in dispensers.

Waste separation
We separate batteries, glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminium, kitchen waste and special waste. New employees get trained to eliminate mistakes due to casualness or ignorance. All food waste is disposed of properly and produces valuable green electricity.

Water consumption
By using so-called "Perlators" it is possible to massively decrease the amount of drinking water used. The "Perlators" mix air into the water and therefore increase the jet of water's size. This creates an impression of "softer" water. In addition all toilets are equipped with a 2-level flushing system.

As far as possible, the Hotel’s accounts system has been digitalised to reduce the amount of paper used (and the resulting environmental impact). Electronic billing is prefered.

Food Waste
Your portion has been that huge? No Problem - we will give you a take away box for free to enjoy a menu within 24h at home: Thank you for helping us make an ecological gesture.

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