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Secluded in an impressive mountain scenery lies Lucerne, the gate to the heart of Switzerland, right at the Lake Lucerne. The city is the destination of many travel groups and leisure guests traveling through Switzerland, thanks to its many sites, souvenir and watch shops and the attractive location near the lake and close location to the Mount Rigi, Pilatus and Stanserhorn. One of the Lucerne symbols is the medieval Chapel Bridge which, complete with gable paintings, forms the centrepiece of Lucerne's townscape and is considered to be one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. Another landmark in the city is the Museggmauer which could be preserved in its original fortified shape, apart from one single tower.

The festivalcity Lucerne is unique and offers a great mix of culture, music and theatre throughout the year. The city lies in the heart of Switzerland and is located directly at Lake Lucerne, the foot of the Pilatus and is surrounded by a majestic mountain scenery. The lake, the mountains and the picturesque city offer you the perfect stage for your holiday or business trip. Numerous events and music festivals highlight your visit to the illuminated city and invite you to return to one of the smallest cosmopolitan cities.

In summer the world stars of classical music unite in Lucerne and invite you to a musical summit. Since more than 75 years the Lucerne Festival presents the most famous orchestras, legendary directors and solists in summer. With an ever-changing thematic focus, the festival program offers a broad spectrum from Mozart to modern or from early music up to edgy experiments. Enjoy an unforgettable music experience away from your daily routine!

In addition there is the carnival or, as the people of Lucerne say, the Fasnacht. This is the highlight of the year for many. It starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. Early in the morning at 5 am the city center starts to shake when 50 „Guggenmusigen“ come from all corners of the historic city to wake up the city and its inhabitants.

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